Animal feed, pet food & seed

Due to many different compositions animal feed and pet food may have most diverse properties challenging the packing industry. For example: Starch and oil containing products often have bad flow characteristics, whereas well flowing grains or granules can be handled easily.

Never mind! We can offer you the right filling technology for your product:

While our pneumatic packer is the best solution for filling starch- and oil-containing animal feed or pet food into valve bags, our gravity packer has ever proven its worth for granules and grains.

Our TOPLINE® fills pre-fabricated open-mouth bags. Our FFS systems form, fill and seal bags from an endless gusseted film. In both cases the filling spout and the product dosing unit are selected in such a way to assure best filling results - and this not only for the easy-to-handle granules but also for the more complicated powders and flours.

You decide whether your bags are filled manually or automatically, at low or high outputs per hour. Our modular system provides the right solutions for each application - from filling up to palletizing.