Cocoa powder, cocoa kibbles & cocoa cake

Cocoa products have different fat contents and alkali portions. It is easy to fill low-fat cocoa products with low bulk densities because they flow nicely. But for fatty cocoa products with high bulk densities special precautions have to be taken to reach optimum filling results.

We are well prepared to meet this challenge. While our impeller packer presents one of the most realiable valve bag filling machines for fatty cocoa powders around the globe, we recommend our gravity packer for lumpy cocoa kibbles.

Pre-fabricated open-mouth bags are filled by our TOPLINE® - and big bags by our big bag filling station GWH. In both cases product-specifically selected dosing units assure best filling results.

You decide whether your bags are filled manually or automatically, at low or high outputs per hour. Our modular system provides the right solutions for each application - from filling up to palletizing.