Sugar, dextrose, maltodextrin & sorbitol

Sugar and sugar derivatives have a wide range of different grain sizes, from very fine to very coarse grains. All of them have to be handled properly in order not to destroy the corn structure. Therefore, only an adequately designed filling machine guarantees that the product is filled gently and fast at the required speed.

Our pneumatic packer has proven its worth as an all-round packing machine for filling sugar and sugar derivatives into valve bags. Our TOPLINE® system presents the most reliable automatic solution for pre-fabricated open-mouth bags.

In future the FFS technology will be the trend-setter: It forms the bag  from a gusseted tubular film, fills and seals it. Thus, the bag size is automatically adjusted to your product - and the consumption of PE film is reduced.

You decide whether your bags are filled manually or automatically, at low or high outputs per hour. Our modular system provides the right solutions for each application - from filling up to palletizing.