THE ADAMS® - The rotating FFS machine for powders & flours


is the BEHN + BATES FFS system for filling powders & flours, e. g.: 

  • Starch, dextrose & maltodextrin
  • Baking flours, baking mixes & premixes, etc.

Your customers have high demands on your products. Even when stored over long time periods the products have to keep their quality without deteriorating. This is only possible if your bags offer optimum product protection and storage properties. So the tight and compact FFS bag gets interesting - even for powders & flours.

THE ADAMS® - rotating FFS-technology for powder & flour

Proven technologies form the basis of the new FFS system: THE ADAMS®

The proven filling machines HAVER-ROTO-PACKER® and HAVER FFS system made by our parent company HAVER & BOECKER have been combined. The result is THE ADAMS® - our new trend-setter for filling powders & flours into FFS bags.

You tell us what products you want to handle at which speeds. We will design THE ADAMS® to meet your requirements: Up to 12 filling spouts are possible.

In brief: The function of THE ADAMS®

The empty bags formed from an endless gusseted film are applied onto the dust-tight BEHN + BATES powder filling spout by a fully synchronised bag application module. Afterwards your product is filled into the bag according to the gross filling system by using an air or impeller filling unit.

Product compaction is carried out by vibrators adapted to the needs of your product. Thanks to the combination of gross filling and product compaction we reach brilliant weight accuracies. The result: Perfectly filled bags requiring just a minimum of film.

The filled and upright standing bags are transfered to the closing station by a fully synchronised unit. There they are tightly welded before being transported to the equalizing station.

THE ADAMS® Cleanliness and efficiency from production to consumption

THE ADAMS® filling station at work
Palletized valve bags filled with THE ADAMS® FFS rotating filling machine
  • Cleanliness
    Dust-free filling, sealed filling spouts and dust exhaust in the filling machine set standards: A clean packing environment is reality.
  • Product protection 
    Your product is well protected from moisture and outside influences in tightly welded PE bags thus being perfectly suitable for long storage times.
  • Compact bag shape 
    Compact bag shapes are achieved by filling and simultaneously deaerating the bag. The integrated bag corner welding enhances the proven box shape of the filled bag. The result: Attractive bag piles and optimum use of storage and shipping spaces.
  • Tear strength
    Modern films - even thinnest films - are extraordinarily break-proof and tear-resistant. Thus, bag breakage along the entire logistical supply chain is reduced to a minimum.
  • Perfect advertising impact 
    Premium products packed in appealing bags with high-quality imprint and gloss finish lead to increased accceptance among your customers - and thus to higher sales.