The BEHN + BATES FFS systems for granules

The BEHN + BATES FFS systems

are perfectly suitable for filling grains & granules, e. g.: 

  • Crystal sugar
  • Rice & corn
  • Animal feed pellets
  • Etc.

Profitability, good product protection and long storage times are fundamental demands on quality packagings - demands that are optimally fulfilled by the tight and compact FFS bag. We offer different FFS systems for the environment-friendly and energy-saving packing of grains & granules. All of them are state-of-the-art. Important factors for the right selection are your product and your requested output.

BEHN + BATES FFS systems 600 to 2000 for granules & grains

In brief: The function of the BEHN + BATES FFS systems

The foil length needed for your product and your filling weight is automatically cut from the film reel. The bottom seam is welded with a minimum overlap. For an optimum bag shape and also for easy and complete bag emptying it can be fitted with special corner welds. Grippers take the pre-shaped, opened bag and apply it to the dust-tight flap filling spout.

At the same time your product is weighed by the proven BEHN + BATES net weigher. The flap spout fills the pre-weighed product into the bag - deaerating and densifying it at the same time. The filled and compacted bag is then welded tight at the top and transported to the palletizing system.

Profitable grain & granule filling by the BEHN + BATES FFS systems

BEHN + BATES FFS systems 600 to 2000 for granules & grains
  • Optimum protection against humidity
    due to tightly welded PE bags
  • Emotive commercialisation 
    due to product packing in PE film bags that can be easily fitted with a high-quality imprint thus attracting a great deal of attention
  • Optimum storage
    due to compact, box-shaped bags that are easy to stack and most suitable for automatic storage systems
  • Environment friendly packing 
    due to reduced packing material needs and application of energy-saving and low-maintenance components
  • Short commissioning times
    due to integrating machine design with pre-assembled, cabled and tested machine modules
  • Comfortable operation 
    due to clear operator guidance with the help of modern touch panels and thanks to easy batch or size changes
  • High operating efficiency
    due to reduced cleaning work, easy access of the machine and low noise level despite high outputs
  • Reduced dead times
    due to automatic film reel change