Filling system for animal feed and pet food

Do you fill food, animal feed or pet food into bags? If so, BEHN + BATES is your right partner. We have specialized in your products. We deliver food-optimized filling systems for valve bags, pre-fabricated open-mouth bags, FFS bags and big bags.

Food products are natural products. They are influenced by climatic conditions. Production and storage vary depending on the region and continent where they are processed. All these are aspects having an influence on the selection of the packaging technology. If it is best adapted to your needs, it provides you with considerable and lasting advantages.

We know about the specialities of food packaging. It does not matter whether you fill

we have the right solution for each type of bag and for manual or fully automatic operations.

Tread new paths - with us - because you profit from our experience.

Animal feed, pet food & seed: High quality packaging of agricultural products

Due to many different compositions filling systems of animal feed and pet food may have most diverse properties challenging the packing industry. For example: Starch and oil containing products often have bad flow characteristics, whereas well flowing grains or granules can be handled easily.

Never mind! We can offer you the right filling system for your product:

While our pneumatic packer is the best solution for filling starch- and oil-containing animal feed or pet food into valve bags, our gravity packer has ever proven its worth for granules and grains.

Our TOPLINE® fills pre-fabricated open-mouth bags. Our FFS systems form, fill and seal bags from an endless gusseted film. In both cases the filling spout and the product dosing unit are selected in such a way to assure best filling results - and this not only for the easy-to-handle granules but also for the more complicated powders and flours.

Learn more about our filling systems:

Valve bag filling system

BEHN + BATES valve bag filling system for bagging of animal feed and pet food

A lot of food and animal feed producers choose the valve bag due to its easy handling and its compact bag shape with high advertising impact.

Learn more about our valve bag filling technology

Gravity packer for grains & granules

BEHN + BATES gravity packer for bagging of animal feed and pet food

The product is filled according to the gravity principle either by a curved or by a straight gravity tube - without additional conveying air or mechanical assistance.

Learn more about our gravity packer technology

Open-mouth bag filling technology

BEHN + BATES open-mouth bag filling technology for the filling of food products and animal feed in pre-fabricated open-mouth bags

Optimum product protection and improved storage, high advertising impact, flexible filling volumes or simple opening and re-closing of the used bags - all these are convincing features of the open-mouth bag.

Learn more about our open-mouth bag filling technology

Fully automated filling technology

BEHN + BATES -TOPLINE® 600 und TOPLINE® 1200 filling systems for bagging of animal feed and pet food

The BEHN + BATES-TOPLINE® 600 and 1200 are used for filling granules & grains into pre-fabricated open-mouth bags.

Learn more about the BEHN + BATES-TOPLINE® 600 and 1200

FFS technology

BEHN + BATES FFS filling system for bagging of animal feed and pet food

Food and animal feed products will be packed into plastic bags more frequently in future as each packing company is keen on keeping its packing cost as low as possible. The FFS bag meets this requirement to a special extent.

Learn more about our FFS technology

Big bag filling technology

BEHN + BATES-big bag filling system for bagging of animal feed and pet food

In the logistics chain big bags are a cost-effective alternative to conventional bags. Of course, they must also allow quick and clean processing - goals that can be easily reached with our big bag filling station GWH.

Learn more on our big bag filling technology