The BEHN + BATES Form-Fill-Seal technology for granules

The BEHN + BATES Form-Fill-Seal technology for granules

In future an increasing number of granule producers will want to fill their products into plastic bags. The motive: Each producer is keen on keeping packing costs as low as possible. The Form-Fill-Seal bag meets this requirement to the largest possible extent. It is formed out of a gusseted tubular film, filled and sealed thus enabling the bag size to be optimally adjusted to the product. As a result film consumption is reduced.

BEHN + BATES FFS systems 600 to 2000 for granules

The BEHN + BATES Form-Fill-Seal systems

are perfectly suitable for filling grains & granules, e. g.:

  • Crystal sugar
  • Rice & corn
  • Animal feed and pet food pellets
  • etc.

Profitability, good product protection and long storage times are fundamental demands on quality packagings - demands that are optimally fulfilled by the tight and compact Form-Fill-Seal bag. We offer different Form-Fill-Seal systems for the environment-friendly and energy-saving packing of granules. All of them are state-of-the-art. Important factors for the right selection are your product and your requested output:

  • BEHN + BATES FFS 600 for lumpy products
    (up to 600 bags/h)
  • BEHN + BATES FFS 1000 for fine grains
    (up to 1,000 bags/h)
  • BEHN + BATES FFS 2000 for bulk materials
    (up to 2,000 bags/h)

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Optimum filling results thanks to the right components:

  • Corner welding to get compact box-shaped full Form-Fill-Seal bags
  • Highly accurate net weighing with the BEHN + BATES net weigher for granules
  • Product-adapted de-aeration by vacuum probe, vibrating lance or vibrating table
  • Modular design including mobile machine versions
  • Automatic double or triple film reel changer for short change-over times and fast processing of a large variety of products

Your product and your requested output are decisive factors for the selection of the right machine variant. Contact us - we will be pleased to advice you in our Form-Fill-Seal technology for granules.