The BEHN + BATES filling machine BOH for powder, flour & semolina

The BEHN + BATES filling machine BOH

BEHN + BATES filling machine BOH for powder, flour & grain

is especially suitable for the manual filling of small production quantities.

Packing companies with low production outputs do not normally require fully automatic filling systems. Even so they still demand precise filling of their products.

We offer the right solution:
The BEHN + BATES filling machine BOH.

In brief: The functionAfter the bag has been applied manually to the filling spout the filling process is started by a push-button. Depending on its characteristics the product is filled by either an auger or an impeller and can be compacted during the course of filling by bag vibrators. The filled bag is manually taken off the spout and transferred to the chosen closing station, e. g. sewing machine.

Excellent manual powder filling with the BEHN + BATES BOH

  • Clean bag filling due to the proven BEHN + BATES hexagonal filling spout developed for powders & flours
  • High weight accuracy due to the use of the MEC® weighing electronics
  • Cost saving due to low operation and maintenance costs
  • Easy handling due to clear operator guidance, easy cleaning and maintenance

And the speciality:

  • Optimum budget planning due to gradual extension:
    The basic machine equipped for manual bag application can be extended by an automatic applicator at a later stage.