The BEHN + BATES-TOPLINE® 300 for powders & flours


BEHN + BATES fully automatic open-mouth bag filling system TOPLINE® 300

is the fully automatic open-mouth bag filling system for powders & flours, e. g.:

  • Starch
  • Dextrose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Sorbitol
  • Baking flours
  • Baking ingredients
  • Premixes
  • Second flours
  • Feed additives
  • Etc.

The filling of these products requires special sensitivity as they can be dusty. Even so the TOPLINE® 300 reaches best filling results. The integrated BEHN + BATES powder spout tightly encloses the processed bag and already removes excess air from the bag during the filling process by its integrated de-aerating channels. The result: Clean filling - compact bags.

The TOPLINE® 300 normally works according to the gross filling principle thus achieving high weighing accuracies. The kind of product dosing depends on your product and is done by either an impeller or an auger.

In brief: The function of the TOPLINE®

The separated bag is taken out of the magazine, algined and opened by sucker bars. Bag grippers take the opened bag to apply it securely to the dust-tight filling spout. In order to compact your products during or after filling we equip the TOPLINE® with vibrators in food-grade design and, if required, with an additional vacuum probe.

The bag closure: Significant for the quality and the shelf life of your products

Sewing - welding - gluing - hot-melt: Everything is possible. You select your optimum bag closure. We supply the right solution.

For all BEHN + BATES TOPLINE models we offer: Technical consultancy, technical support services (including troubleshooting of electrical and electronic components), technical project studies, technical and scientific research, product development and engineering studies as well as safety-related engineering surveys. 
To order any of these services, please contact us via the phone number or the e-mail address shown on our contact form page.

Quality packing of powders & flours by the BEHN + BATES TOPLINE® 300

The BEHN + BATES powder adapter for pre-fabricated open-mouth bags
  • No product losses due to the project-specific product dosing by auger or impeller
  • Clean product filling by the special dust-tight BEHN + BATES powder spout
  • Clean working environment due to complete bag processing in a dust-tight machine cabinet
  • High weighing accuracy due to gross weighing and separate coarse and fine flow filling
  • Attractive bag shapes due to efficient product densification by special vibrators in food-grade design and additional vaccum probe if required
  • Good product protection due to project-specifically selected bag closure, e. g. folding, welding or hot-melt activation
  • High advertising impact due to application of appealing bag materials with high-quality imprint, e. g. in gloss finish