The BEHN + BATES-TOPLINE® 600 and TOPLINE® 1200 for grains & granules

The BEHN + BATES-TOPLINE® 600 and 1200

are used for filling granules & grains into pre-fabricated open-mouth bags.
They are suitable for e.g.:

  • Crysal sugar
  • Rice & corn
  • Seed
  • Animal feed & pet food
  • Etc.
alt="BEHN + BATES TOPLINE® 1200 for grain & granulates"

The difference: The TOPLINE® 600 reaches outputs of up to 600 bags/h and the TOPLINE® 1200 runs at up to 1,200 bags/h.

In both cases your product is filled according to the net principle: First it is weighed, then it is filled into the bag. The proper weighing process is assured by our net weigher - either in classical design used for the TOPLINE® 600 or in high-output design for the TOPLINE® 1200.

Product filling is carried out by our dust-tight flap spout designed in such a way to always reliably reach your requested output.

In brief: The function of the TOPLINE®

The separated bag is taken out of the magazine, algined and opened by sucker bars. Bag grippers take the opened bag to apply it securely to the dust-tight filling spout. In order to compact your products during or after filling we equip the TOPLINE® with vibrators in food-grade design and, if required, with an additional vacuum probe.

The bag closure: Significant for the quality and the shelf life of your products

Sewing - welding - gluing - hot-melt: Everything is possible. You select your optimum bag closure. We supply the right solution.

For all BEHN + BATES TOPLINE models we offer: Technical consultancy, technical support services (including troubleshooting of electrical and electronic components), technical project studies, technical and scientific research, product development and engineering studies as well as safety-related engineering surveys. 

To order any of these services, please contact us via the phone number or the e-mail address shown on our contact form page.

High cleanliness and high output: Filling of grains & granules by the BEHN + BATES-TOPLINE® 600 & 1200

BEHN + BATES TOPLINE® 600 & 1200 for automatic granule filling
  • Fast, clean and product-adapted bag filling according to the net filling principle
  • Avoidance of product loss or dust during filling due to the dust-tight flap filling spout
  • Exact filling weights due to the BEHN + BATES precision net weigher 
  • Simple bag palletizing due to compact bag shapes thanks to efficient product densification by special bag vibrators during and after filling
  • High product protection due to the application of high-quality bag materials or films
  • Project-adapted bag closure by sewing, folding, welding or hot-melt activation
  • High advertising impact of filled bags due to compact bag shapes and appealing bag materials e.g. with imprints in a gloss finish