Palletizing of food, animal feed & pet food

Do you fill food, animal feed or pet food into bags? If so, BEHN + BATES is your right partner. We have specialized in your products. We deliver food-optimized packaging machines and palletizing technology for valve bags, pre-fabricated open-mouth bags, FFS bags and big bags.

Food products are natural products. They are influenced by climatic conditions. Production and storage vary depending on the region and continent where they are processed. All these are aspects having an influence on the selection of the packaging and palletizing technology. If it is best adapted to your needs, it provides you with considerable and lasting advantages.

We know about the specialities of food packaging and palletizing. It does not matter whether you fill

we have the right solution for each type of bag and for manual or fully automatic operations.

Tread new paths - with us - because you profit from our experience.

Animal feed, pet food & seed: High quality packaging of agricultural products

Due to many different compositions animal feed and pet food may have most diverse properties challenging the packing and palletizing industry. For example: Starch and oil containing products often have bad flow characteristics, whereas well flowing grains or granules can be handled easily.

Never mind! We can offer you the right filling technology for your product:

While our pneumatic packer is the best solution for filling starch- and oil-containing animal feed or pet food into valve bags, our gravity packer has ever proven its worth for granules and grains.

Our TOPLINE® fills pre-fabricated open-mouth bags. Our FFS systems form, fill and seal bags from an endless gusseted film. In both cases the filling spout and the product dosing unit are selected in such a way to assure best filling results - and this not only for the easy-to-handle granules but also for the more complicated powders and flours.

The BEHN + BATES palletizing and packaging technology

Your bags are packed. They are tight, clean and offer optimum protection of your products. But: They have not yet arrived at your end-users' sites. Before they have to be stacked accurately and the pallets have to be packed carefully in order to:

  • protect the filled bags against damage.
  • optimally use the available loading space and avoid loss of space due to irregular bag piles.
  • avoid loss of time during handling and transport because of badly stacked pallets.
  • prevent the pallets from tumbling due to irregular bag piles.

Together we are strong

Optimally stacked and packed pallets help you save time and money. As overall costs can thus be reduced, the profit is increased. In addition, nicely stacked pallets have an excellent advertising impact.

In order to successfully implement these goals in your company we offer an extensive programme of packaging systems and palletizers in close cooperation with our sister company NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING:

Our palletizer technology for animal feed and pet food in detail:

Pallettizer G300 for bag palletizing by a robotic gripping arm

Palletiser G300 as palletizing technology for animal feed and pet food"

This palletizer is especially suitable for low-output applications of up to 300 bags/h with bag weights of 5 up to 50 kg.

Learn more about the palletizer G300

Palletizer - Series 500 / 1000 GRIP Bag palletizing by robotic gripping arm

Palletizer - Series 500 / 1000 as palletizer technology for animal feed and pet food

This palletizer allows to properly palletize bags that must be overlapped on the layer. Therefore, it is also suitable for difficult-to-handle products.

Learn more about the palletizer - series 500 / 1000 GRIP

Palettizers - Series 500/1000/2000 Bag palletizing row by row

Palettizers - Series 500/1000/2000 for palletizing of animal feed and pet food

These palletizers are equipped with simple, reliable and proven kinematics. The modular machine design ensures optimum palletizing results.

Learn more about the palletizers - series 500/1000/2000

Our technical solutions also convince for the packaging of readily stacked pallets. We can offer you stretch wrapping machines or stretch hooders, etc. Please contact us - we will advise you.