The BEHN + BATES valve bag filling systems

A lot of food producers choose the valve bag due to its easy handling. We supply the proper filling solution.

Good product protection in attractive bags

Clean, weight-accurate and compact full bags as well as high machine outputs are achieved with the correct filling system selected according to your needs:

BEHN + BATES valve bag filling technology for clean, weight-accurately and compact filling of food products in valve bags

Customized: Automatic valve bag filling

BEHN + BATES valve bag sealing and applicator

Each packing machine manufacturer is keen to supply you with a customized filling solution allowing you to automatically apply and seal your valve bag.
We offer:

Valve bag filling to perfection

BEHN + BATES INTEGRA FD: applying, filling and sealing of valve bags in a dust-tight cabinet

This means we combine functionality and efficiency with a clear and space-saving machine design.