The BEHN + BATES auger packer for special powders

The BEHN + BATES auger packer

BEHN + BATES Auger packer made of stainless steel, with open-mouth bag filling adapter

is used for the compact filling of badly flowing products:

  • Spices
  • Fruit powder
  • Food additives

The constant product flow into the auger housing is achieved by the continuously operating agitator positioned above the dosing screw. The rotation speed of the dosing auger is adjusted to your product and your requirements in order to achieve accurate bag weights.

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Comfortable filling of special powders with the BEHN + BATES auger packer

BEHN + BATES Auger packer
  • Space savings from the low machine height of only 1,560 mm
  • Material savings through the compact filling of very fluidized products
  • Improved product storage from the filling of tight bags
  • Easy cleaning through the dosing auger with split shaft
  • If required: Additional product densification through the BEHN + BATES de-aerating unit and bag vibrator that can optionally be integrated