The BEHN + BATES impeller packer for fine and light powders

The BEHN + BATES impeller packer

Bag filling with the BEHN + BATES impeller packer

achieving best filling results due to low-air filling and high filling pressure is especially suitable for:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Wheat flour
  • Maize starch
  • Etc. 

The bulk density and the flowability of your product are paramount for the selection of the correct impeller filling system:

  • Vertical impeller for fine powders
  • Horizontal impeller for heavily flowing and light products

The diameter of the impeller wheel is selected according to your product properties.

Your tailor-made packaging solution

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Compact bag filling due to the sophisticated design of the BEHN + BATES impeller packer

Palette with filled cocoa bags
  • Optimum pallet shape through the especially compact, low-air bag filling
  • Improved product shelf life through the reliable filling of tight bags
  • No product loss due to the weight-accurate filling by the product-selected filling impeller
  • High packing outputs through bag filling without over-pressure and minimum de-aeration times