The BEHN + BATES Plug 'n Pack system INTEGRA FD


sets standards: It is clean, silent and ready for operation within short time.


It integrates the application, filling and sealing stations in a compact dust-tight cabinet that is completely assembled and cabled prior to delivery.

The INTEGRA FD can be supplied with 1 to 4 fillling spouts - or alternatively in expandable version for your flexible production planning.

Your product is the decisive factor for the selection of the filling principle:

Pneumatic, impeller, auger or gravity packer - everything is possible.

Due to its sophisticated design the BEHN + BATES INTEGRA FD is clean, silent and ready for operation within the shortest possible time:

INTEGRA FD3 in a clean room
INTEGRA FD3 with vertical magazine installed in a clean room
  • Improved cleanliness from the dust-tight, noise-absorbing cabinet with large-area access doors
  • Commissioning costs that are kept to a minimum because the machine is delivered as a completely assembled and tested unit
  • Low space needs from the compact design
  • Comfortable operation with the integrated touch panel and the use of polycarbonate windows for the visual control of the packing process
  • Flexibility with the possibility of the packer being constructed as a mobile unit