The BEHN + BATES pneumatic packer for powders, flours & semolina

The BEHN + BATES pneumatic packer

BEHN + BATES Pneumatic packer for filling powder, flour & semolina

using the air filling principle is especially suitable for:

  • Potato starch
  • Sugar
  • Dextrose and maltodextrin
  • Flours, baking mixes and bruised grains
  • Soypowder
  • Proteins
  • Etc.

The continuous product flow from the filling chamber is ensured by the fluidization air quantities being adjustable to your product. For compact bag shapes the special BEHN + BATES filling de-aeration nozzle removes the air from the bag already during filling.

Your tailor-made packaging solution

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Reliable product processing due to the technical finesse of the BEHN + BATES pneumatic packer:

Pressure tank of BEHN + BATES pneumatic packer
  • Cost reduction from weight-accurate product dosing and product-specific control of the material feed by filling level sensors
  • High filling outputs with low inner bag pressure and minimized dust occurence from the special BEHN + BATES de-aeration nozzle
  • Product-optimized filling process through the fully aerated filling chamber for difficult-to-fluidize products
  • Reduced cleaning through minimum resdiual product quantities
  • Reduced energy consumption through product-specific adjustable minimum fluidizing air quantities and thus reduced residual air removal