Valve bag filling to perfection: ROTO-PACKER® and ROTOSEAL


reaches high packing outputs in smallest spaces.

Valve bag filling in perfection: ROTO-PACKER® and ROTOSEAL

In comparison to conventional inline packers the filling spouts of the ROTO-PACKER® are mounted on a rotating machine frame. Therefore less space is required to reach higher packing outputs with more filling spouts.

Besides the standard ROTO-PACKER® for self-closing valves we can supply our ROTOSEAL system to hermetically seal the filled valve bags directly at the filling spout with the help of ultrasound energy.

Your product is the task:

The ROTO-PACKER® and ROTOSEAL are equipped according to your requirements with either the air or the impeller filling system.

More filling spouts in smallest spaces for higher packing outputs - this is possible with the help of our ROTO-PACKER® or ROTOSEAL:

Valve bag filling in perfection: ROTO-PACKER® and ROTOSEAL
  • Optimized cost and space saving from one central product feed and one central filled bag transport system
  • Higher outputs in reduced spaces through the more compact installation of the filling spouts
  • Clean product handling from the project-specific selected filling system and bag sealing by ultrasound directly at the filling spout
  • Minimum maintenance through continuous bag discharge and the gentle operation of all following plant components
  • Simple automation through the possible installation of the automatic valve bag applicator, type RADIMAT®

The speciality: Gradual increase in production with the help of our ROTO-PACKER® or ROTOSEAL

Expandable ROTO-PACKER®
Expandable ROTO-PACKER®

If you need to respond flexibly to the demand of your product, we can help you with the implementation. We can deliver our ROTO-PACKER® or ROTOSEAL in expandable version:

  • 3/4 spouts to 6 spouts
  • 4/6 spouts to 8 spouts
  • 5 to 10 spouts

The spouts can be retrofitted individually. The packing output can be increased by 100 % within a short time - without any changes to the prior or subsequent plant components.