The BEHN + BATES automatic valve bag applicators FRONTLINE® and RADIMAT

Fully automatic packing processes

can be realised by the integration of automatic valve bag applicators.

We offer different options of bag applicators:

The BEHN + BATES automatic valve bag applicator FRONTLINE®

BEHN + BATES valve bag applicator FRONTLINE®

is used in combination with 1 to 4 spout inline packing machines. It applies all common
bag types and sizes in a reliable, fast and secure way.

The RADIMAT® valve bag applicator

BEHN + BATES valve bag applicator RADIMAT®

used in combination with our rotating high-output systems ROTO-PACKER® and ROTOSEAL also processes all different valve bags that are suitable for automatic application in a fast and secure way - even sewn paper or PP woven valve bags.

The empty bag magazine

is selected according to your project needs. The following variants are possible:

  • Empty bag bundle magazine carriage
  • Horizontal bag magazines - length depending on the required storage capacity
  • Space-saving vertical bag magazines

High application rates and minimum product losses through the BEHN + BATES valve bag applicators FRONTLINE® and RADIMAT

Valve bag applicator clutch
  • Cost reduction through the linear bag application and controlled valve opening
  • Ideal space use from the possible combination with different bag magazine types and the
  • project-specific positioning of the empty bag magazine
  • Reduced maintenance through the free access of the filling machines from the front
  • Flexibility from the easy change-over to different bag sizes and types
  • Optimum production planning in case of possible future extension of the existing filling machine with minimum interruption of the packing operation