Packaging triangle

Your products and your bags are the linchpin. Our solution is the right filling technology which is the perfect combination of product, packing material and machine.

For this reason we analyse your products and your bags after receipt of your inquiry to select the right filling technology for your project in close cooperation with you.

Product analysis:

  • Grain structure
  • Bulk density
  • Free-flowing properties
  • Product humidity
  • Tamped volume 
  • Flowability
  • Angle of repose

Bag analysis

  • Permeability
  • Welding properties of valves with regard to ultrasound sealing
  • Welding properties of PE bag films in case of using open-mouth or FFS bags

Our practice-orientated tests lead to economic packaging solutions - tailor-made for your individual needs - and facilitate the collection of process-relevant product data. You can thus be sure that your products are delivered to your customers in the desired quality day after day.