Safety engineering

Our Safety Department permanently works on the necessary procedures according to the EC machine directive 2006/42/EG in order to protect Operators and Property while the machines is in operation. This level of protection will be realized for all machines supplied globally.  

The machines designed according to the EC machine directive will receive the appropiate CE marking. It mainly consists of:

BEHN + BATES certification with CE conformity mark according to the EG Machinery Directive
  • All machine design and circuit diagrams
  • Risk assessment
  • Operator manual
  • Documentation of components delivered by sub-suppliers
  • List of applied norms and standards
  • Declaration of conformity

Explosion protection

In the food industry most of the occurring dusts, which happen to appear during the filling procedure, are organic and are solely explosible. In order to eliminate the risk of any explosion, the explosion protection is mandatory by law, for example within the ATEX directive from the European Union or within the National Electrical Code (NEC) in the USA. Our certified machines are fulfilling these regulations in its entirety.   

BEHN + BATES explosion prevention

Our experts support and advise you in the correct implementation of:

  • Zone classifications
  • Ignition danger assessment
  • Explosion protection documents

In addition, they are at your full disposal with regard to the following measures:

  • Advice on the conversion or modernisation of old machines
  • Cooperation with designated bodies
  • Training on explosion protection
  • Individual examination according to the 2014/34/EU Directive
  • Type examination according to the 2014/34/EG Directive

As to explosion protection we closely cooperate with our parent company HAVER & BOECKER - an expert in this field for more than 125 years. At that time mining lamps used fine wire mesh manufactured by HAVER & BOECKER to prevent the ignition of explosive methane gas in mines.