Operator training

High productivity thanks to well trained operators

Well trained operating and maintenance personnel largely contribute to the economical operation of your packaging plant. Being highly motivated they are well prepared to look into the machine technology and ensure the optimum operation and maintenance of your machines.

Therefore we take it for granted to intensely train your operators during commissioning and to familiarize them with our technology. We alternatively offer training programmes in our works in Münster or in the training center of our parent company HAVER & BOECKER.

Our training programmes are focused on the proper and easy operation of our machines considering possible previous knowledge of your operators.

The advantages of the operator training are obvious - and may help you reduce your costs:

  • Improved capability of your operating and maintenance personnel
  • Better knowledge of the machine technology
  • Higher product quality
  • Less machine downtimes
  • Faster attainment of maximum productivity
  • Less waste