Service: From project analyses to regular machine maintenance

Complete technical BEHN + BATES services around your packing plant: This is another essential component of our company philosophy. It is important to us to be your reliable partner from planning of your packaging project up to regular maintenance of your delivered and commissioned machine.

Therefore, we offer you a wide range of different services - from project analyses in the beginning of your packing project up to preventive service measures and spare parts supplies after delivery and commissioning to ensure a long-lasting and stable operation of your delivered packing plant. We offer these services for all our machines: for standard manual packers and for complete packaging plants, for the FRONTLINE, the INTEGRA FD and the ROTO-PACKER as well as for the TOPLINETM and the ADAMS, etc.

BEHN + BATES Project analysis to find the perfect combination of product, packing material and machine

Analysis of your packaging project

We analyse your product and your bags in the highly modern R & D Centre of our parent company to select the right filling technology for your project.

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BEHN + BATES Technical customer service offers a wide range of after-sales services

Technical customer service

Our service does not end with the delivery of your packaging plant. Moreover we offer you a wide range of services, such as commissioning, operator training, maintenance, etc.

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BEHN + BATES Spare parts service for decades of supply

Spare parts

The quality of installed spare parts influences machine lifetimes. We deliver original spare parts as only "originals" fit accurately and assure a long-lasting and successful operation of your machine.

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BEHN + BATES conversion & modernisation measures


Your existing plant often provides good service but does not any longer correspond to today's standards. Small measures frequently help adapt your machine to modern standards.

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BEHN + BATES Safety engineering for preventing damage of machines and humans

Safety engineering

The safety of our delivered machines is important to us. We help you to avoid damage caused by machines to the largest possible extent and assure maximum safety for your operating personnel.

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To order any of these services please contact us via the phone number or e-mail address shown on our contact form page.