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As the food brand of HAVER & BOECKER, we guarantee our customers direct access to quality products, characterised by the innovative spirit of our employees. HAVER & BOECKER was founded in 1887 and today, together with over 50 subsidiaries and 150 agencies, is a leading technology provider and pioneer on all five continents.

We cooperate very closely within the HAVER & BOECKER Group to offer you comprehensive solutions from processing to packing and palletising for your quality products in various industries. These partnerships enable you to benefit from a broad range of cross-industry expertise and invest in quality.

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Today, HAVER & BOECKER OHG comprises the Wire Weaving and Machinery Division. The Wire Weaving Division is a world leader in the production of woven wire fabric and serves various industries for screening and filtration, from chemicals to aerospace. Our products are also used in industry, design and architecture.

The Machinery Division specialises in the processing, storage, packing and transport of bulk materials. Our technologies optimise material and work flows in various industries, always with the aim of finding customised production processes for our customers.

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HAVER & BOECKER NIAGARA is our expert in processing technology, screening systems and pelletising solutions.

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IBAU Hamburg is our specialist for plant construction and engineering, bulk loading and unloading technology, material transport, silo and mixing technology.

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SOMMER is a manufacturer of systems, mixers and agitators for liquid and paste-like products.

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Feige FILLING is a manufacturer of semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines and systems, transport systems and storage technology for liquid and pasty products.

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Portland Packaging is the world's first Assemble-to-Order (ATO) packaging brand for customers who want to implement their projects quickly and cost-effectively by adopting a standardised approach without compromising on quality.

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AVENTUS, our technology partner for the perfect flow of free-flowing bulk products, develops and implements packing and logistics solutions – from filling into FFS bags and Big Bags to palletising systems and final packaging of palletised bags.

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NEWTEC BAG  offers a wide range of palletising systems and solutions for the end of the industrial process chain in the agricultural, chemical, building materials and minerals industries.

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QUAT²RO is our digitalisation and automation specialist, e.g. for warehouse and production management.

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