Packing machines for valve bags

Setting new standards in the food industry

The efficient filling of your powdered food products requires a special finesse. Precision in this context not only refers to the accurate dosing of your high-quality products but also to the ability to transform them into real eye-catchers while maintaining strict hygiene standards!

Pro Tip: For easy handling and particularly appealing bag formats, opt for our valve bag technology. This way, as a food producer, you can impress with excellent filling results from planning and dosing to product packaging.

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This is why our valve bag solutions stand out

  •  Clean product processing thanks to our inflatable sleeve on the filling spout
  •  Profit maximization through weight-accurate product processing
  •  Maximizing benefits through improved product and moisture protection
  •  Lower costs thanks to a clean packaging environment and low cleaning effort
  •  Higher advertising impact through optimally filled bags that can be easily handled by your customers

Discover our versatile valve bag filling systems

For smooth product filling into valve bags - our pneumatic and impeller packers

The customized filling system, which takes into account both the specific requirements of your food product and the properties of your valve bag, is crucial for the optimal processing of valve bags. 

Rely on our valve bag filling systems - pneumatic and impeller packers - for food filling, which are your guarantee for efficiency, precision and reliability. They can be easily integrated into existing production lines and can be adapted to various bag sizes and materials.

Our pneumatic packer

The all-rounder for valve bags

The pneumatic packer ensures equal product discharge from the filling chamber through the conveying air quantity, which can be adjusted depending on the product. During the filling process, the special BEHN + BATES filling nozzle extracts the air from the bag.

Our impeller packer

The fastest filling technology for powder

Our impeller packer stands for fast and low-dust filling, also of fine powdered and easily flowing products. Your product is decisive for the choice of a vertical or horizontal impeller wheel as well as the design of the impeller wheel diameter.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Weight-accurate filling due to coarse and fine dosing
  • Increased product protection during filling by metal detector, integrated in the filling channel, with test device for different types of metal
  • Reduced maintenance due to use of low-wear components
  • Dust-tight sealing of the bag to be filled by the BEHN + BATES filling spout with inflatable sleeve
  • Low cleaning effort due to minimum residual product quantities

Tightly sealed: our ultrasonic sealing station

An integral part of our valve bag filling machines

Your products only meet the quality required on the market if they arrive at your customers perfectly protected from external influences. To ensure that this is the case, we equip most of all our filling machines that leave our production with our ultrasonic sealing station. It seals all PE-coated valves cleanly and tightly directly at the filling spout.

Your advantages at a glance

  •  Optimal product protection
  •  Maximum cleanliness of the entire filling line
  •  Space- and cost-saving integration within the filling machine frame
  •  Dust explosion protection with ATEX certification

Rely on our elementary solutions for your packaging operation

For precise filling of food products, regardless of whether you work manually or fully automatically

The history of the valve bag technology begins with the stationary packaging machine. The pioneer, our stationary packer ELEMENTRA®, scores highly among our customers worldwide with its intelligence, profitability and cleanliness. And this has been the case for decades. 

For filling, the bag is applied onto the filling spout manually or automatically. The product is filled using the product-specific filling technology (air or impeller) designed to suit your product. Depending on the machine type, the filled bag is either removed manually from the spout or discharged fully automatically.

Your advantages at a glance

  •  Suitable for low up to the medium output segment, expandable up to 4 filling spouts
  •  High-quality standard equipment, customizable to your preferences
  •  Comprehensive digital setup for digital services such as monitoring, diagnostics and remote work, either available or expandable later
  •  Enhanced product protection during filling with an integrated metal detector in the filling spout, featuring a test device for different types of metal
  •  Reduced maintenance through the use of low-wear components
  •  Dust-tight sealing of the filled bag through the BEHN + BATES filling nozzle with an inflatable sleeve

Integrate the advantages of our INTEGRA FD® into your packaging operation

You will achieve a clean and quiet product filling within a dust-tight cabin

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Reduced machine noise, a clean working environment: the entire process of bag application, filling and sealing takes place in a dust-tight encapsulated cabin. Our Plug'n Pack concept also enables a quick machine setup at your production location.

The INTEGRA FD® is available with 1 to 4 filling nozzles, expandable for your flexible production planning. Depending on the product, we equip it with suitable filling technology—either air or impeller.

Your advantages at a glance

  •  High cleanliness of the working environment
  •  Reduced commissioning costs due to complete pre-assembly
  •  Space saving due to integrated pneumatic and electric cabinets
  •  High operating comfort due to the touch panel and large polycarbonate windows for visual control

Turn up the speed of your packing performance with our ROTO-PACKER®

Improved economic efficiency due to a higher performance in a small space

Highest bagging capacities of up to 2,400 bags/h can be achieved with our ROTO-PACKER® for valve bags. The filling spouts on the ROTO-PACKER® are mounted on a rotating frame. This results in a reduced space requirement. The bags can be placed on the filling spouts both manually or automatically by our RADIMAT® bag applicator. Before discharge, bag sealing is possible directly at the filling spout, using our ultrasonic sealing station.

Our ROTO-PACKER® works with the correct filling system for your product: air or impeller. You decide how many filling spouts your ROTO-PACKER® will have: what counts is performance or also your desire for expandability at a later date.


Your advantages at a glance

  •  Cost efficiency due to a central product supply and a central full-bag transport system
  •  Improved economic efficiency due to a higher performance in a small space
  •  Clean product handling thanks to the product-specific filling system and ultrasonic sealing directly at the filling spout
  •  Reduced maintenance efforts due to continuous gentle operation of downstream units
  •  Simple automation with the RADIMAT® valve bag applicator
  •  Successive increase in production due to the extendable machine design - without changes to the periphery
  •  Higher maintenance efficiency due to individual filling spouts that can be switched off

Automate your bagging system with our valve bag applicators

Get to know our applicator options!


Ensure reliable application of your valve bags of all common types and sizes to the filling spout of your bagging machine with the FRONTLINE® bag applicator. It is the ideal addition to 1 to 4 spout inline packer systems for secure empty bag application through linear movements.


Flexible automatic packaging processes for high-performance operations - our RADIMAT® applicator is specially designed for use in combination with our ROTO-PACKER® and enables quick and secure application of all types of valve bags, including sewn paper or woven bags.

Your advantages at a glance

  •  Safe application of the bags through linear movements
  •  Optimum pre-opening of the valves through use of opening cones
  •  Flexible space planning due to a suitable bag magazine design
  •  Reduced maintenance effort required due to good accessibility
  •  Easy conversion to different bag sizes
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