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Ensure your machine availability

A fleeting moment of carelessness can jeopardize the success of a successful mountain hike. You should pay just as much attention to your packing machines! Which of the outdated components no longer meet the latest technological standards? Together, we take care of the essential components and thus ensure the continuous operational readiness of your machines. This way you will always stay on course!


Our conversion packages bring your long-serving system up to date to meet your current requirements. Even the smallest changes can often lead to significant improvements! We are at your side, whether to modernize, recommission or expand your existing system - always with the focus on optimizing performance and availability and offering you comprehensive advice tailored to your specific needs.
Rüdiger Reckmann, Sales Manager Conversions

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A small effort - a big effect!

img-29457 img-29457 img-29457

Your benefits:

  • Replacement of the maintenance units that are no longer available with the current version
  • Prevention of system downtime
img-29458 img-29458 img-29458

Your benefits: 

  • Remote access to the machine control system for remote diagnosis/ troubleshooting
  • Fast response times
  • Cost savings: deployment of a service technician can often be omitted
  • Installing software updates

Your benefits:

  • Conversion of the sealing device to enable a double seam sealing
  • Improving the tightness of the bag valve
  • Safety technology for easier operation by eliminating two-hand control
  • Safeguarding the entire sealing process and bag discharge
img-29460 img-29460 img-29460

Your benefits:

  • No longer available linear cylinders will be replaced according to our current design
  • Prevention of system downtime

Conversion options for a large number of our ROTO-PACKER units, e.g. aeration, dosing, etc.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction in your product losses
  • Continuous material flow after each restart to reduce your operating and set-up costs
  • Less wear for your system
  • Increased machine availability

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img-29464 img-29464 img-29464

Your benefits:

  • A more powerful CPU for packing machine control
  • Intuitive, menu-driven operation due to improved graphically supported user guidance
  • Ensuring the availability of spare parts
  • Clear, structured variety management
  • Display of the error history
  • Coloured display of fault and operating messages
img-29465 img-29465 img-29465

Your benefits:

  • Prevention of system downtimes by replacing obsolete weighing electronics and operator terminal that are no longer manufactured and/or installing the MEC 4 weighing electronics in the existing control cabinet 
img-29466 img-29466 img-29466

Your benefits:

  • A patented electronic check weighing system for automatic compensation of the packing machine scales including statistical data of the filling spouts
  • Interface for remote adjustment of the checkweigher
  • Spare parts availability

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