Packing machines for big bags

Maximize your efficiency with our ELEMENTRA EGF filling station for big bags

The big bag is an excellent alternative to conventional bags. Fill it with our EGF big bag filling station, which stands for efficiency, safe and simple operation and, above all, outstandingly clean filling.  

Our ELEMENTRA EGF big bag filling station is ideal for filling powders and flours as well as grains and granulates into large containers such as big bags. You define the degree of automation - we provide you with what you need.

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This is why our ELEMENTRA EGF big bag filling station stands out

  • Operator friendliness due to swivelling rear suspension hooks for good accessibility by operating personnel. All four hooks open automatically after filling.
  • Cleanliness due to an inflatable sleeve with a counter pressure ring, which seals the big bag during filling
  • Stable bags due to product-appropriate metering and compaction, for which we use a vibrating table

Discover the extended options of our ELEMENTRA EGF filling station

For optimum flexibility

  • Magnetic grids and metal detectors with a testing device
  • An automatic empty pallet feeder with cover sheet feeder
  • Automatic full pallet transport
  • Palletless big bag transport
  • Pneumatically swivelling mounting hook
  • Vibrators for product compaction

Big bag filling in a clean room

Special requirements apply to the filling of big bags under clean room conditions. To ensure that no unauthorised material, e.g. wooden pallets, enters the clean room, we offer a special shuttle system. It picks up the big bag after filling and transports it from the white room to the black room for further processing, taking into account the required hygiene standards.

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