PROcheck: We are at your side over the entire life circle

For us, a functioning and successful partnership means always keeping an eye on and supervising your process with our products, our services and our tools over the entire service life. For exactly this "we are always there for you" we have developed PROcheck as an orientation.

PROcheck systematizes all instruments and actions with which you can keep an eye on the
efficiency and potential of your processes at all times and optimize your success:
Diagnostics, equipment, consumables, original parts, modernization & modification,
service, systems & plants, process engineering.

With PROcheck, we show you very specifically where and how you can sustainably maximize your
productivity and thus your results over the entire life cycle of your plants, systems and machines.
So that you’ll be also in perfect flow in the future!

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Our PROcheck promise

Our ideas, our conviction and our understanding of this approach have a lot in common with all
of our private lives. After all, it makes sense to identify the roots of our challenges, to focus on
the right equipment, to consume intelligently and sustainably, to replace what needs to be replaced,
to keep adapting to current requirements, to combine our own experience with the knowhow
of experts, to implement plans and goals with uncompromising, comprehensive solutions,
and to shape concepts and ideas with experience-based services.


Identify the root cause

Every good doctor knows: The key to good health is not treating symptoms, but identifying the cause. Your process is no different. Don’t spend an endless amount of time and energy fighting the symptoms. Remedy the cause with our help and with smart services, software and analytical devices. Because only healthy processes are really economical.


Use the right equipment

In industrial processes, it is like in sports: You can only achieve peak performance if your heart function is adapted to the task at hand. The heartbeat of any process is generated by the machine technology that drives it. Do not compromise when it comes to the most important organ of your process. Make sure that the technology you use is adapted to your product and not the other way around. The development of our technology brands is  driven by precisely this conviction and by the passion to make you as successful as you want to be.


Consume intelligently

Consumables are the fuel for your process. You need the right material for peak performance and  success. We consult, design and even provide your consumables for every step and phase of your  project. Regardless of whether you are commissioning, ramping up or you simply want to optimize  your process on an ongoing basis.

Original parts

Replace what needs replacing

Our BEHN + BATES original parts are your guarantee: the guarantee that your system will run  optimally. Do not let inferior spare parts cause unplanned downtime, a breakdown or, in the worst  case, even accidents. Don´t compromise; buy original parts.

Rebuilds & Upgrades

Prolong the life-time of your equipment

Time does not stand still. Your process will age and it may even change. That does not mean that you  need to invest into a new one. Why not simply prolong or better yet enhance the life of your  equipment?


Preventive instead of reactive

Unexpected plant downtimes cause you stress, annoyance and possibly even a loss of production including high costs. You can avoid this – with regular preventive maintenance of your system.

Plants & Systems

Uncompromising solutions for your processes

Nothing is more important to your success than your own product and workflow. Therefore, don´t  compromise when it comes to your packing process: Make sure your systems and equipment are  designed to meet the specifications of your products, not the other way around. Don´t rely on a  generalist to deliver your systems and equipment as cheaply as possible, but rather on a family of  specialists to get the job done as profitably as possible.

Process Engineering

Shape your concepts and ideas

The better the plan, the easier, faster and more profitable the execution. It has been proven, that by  investing a bit more energy in the engineering stage, you can save a lot of time and money during the realization stage. We offer a complete line of Process, Concept and Detailled Engineering services as  well as some very specialized products.