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Are you ready to reliably and efficiently shape the packaging future for your food products? Then embark on a successful partnership with BEHN + BATES - the food brand of HAVER & BOECKER!

As the technology and service specialist for high-quality bagging machines, we offer comprehensive support - from machine delivery to process engineering and digital solutions, to diagnostics for plant optimization and modifications, as well as extensive spare parts and maintenance management. Additionally, we provide packaging material design and delivery.

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BEHN + BATES is embarking on a new chapter: Through integration into the parent company HAVER & BOECKER OHG, customers will benefit, as the BEHN + BATES brand, associated with proven food quality, will not only remain but grow stronger.

"The proven focus on the food sector and expertise will not only remain unchanged but will be even more intensely tailored to customer needs in the future," guarantees Florian Festge, Managing Director of HAVER & BOECKER OHG. "We look forward to this new phase for the BEHN + BATES brand, emerging stronger from this integration."

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As a company that packages food products, we see it as our responsibility to protect and preserve them. With our expertise, machines and services, we are making our contribution to a world without hunger. But we are just at the beginning - we will develop further concepts for products, the environment, people, technology and the region to support the ZERO HUNGER target by 2030.To make a successful and, above all, helpful contribution, we have entered into a corporate partnership with the Welthungerhilfe (WHH). Since then, we've been supporting a Syrian project that involves aiding bakeries and delivering bread.

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