Load securing solutions for bags

That is how your products safely reach their destination

Although your bags have been carefully stacked on the pallet, the overall stack remains susceptible to instability, shifts or potential damage. To prevent this, we advise you to wrap the pallet with a protective film. This ensures optimal protection for your bags and guarantees safe transport to your customers.

For securing your pallets during transportation, we provide stretch hood and wrapping systems. These are integrated into our turnkey packing systems through close collaboration with reliable partners.



Stretch hood machines

Maximum flexibility with different pallet types and pallet dimensions

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The stretch hood technology, with its wide range of applications and outstanding packaging results, stands as one of the fastest-growing areas in pallet packaging. Its precise operation minimizes frequent load damage such as slipping, tears in a bag or bag breakage and contamination due to external influences. The stretch hood is automatically formed from a continuous roll of film and pulled over the pallet. For perfect load securing, the system automatically adjusts to the pallet height to be processed.

This speaks for the stretch hood machines

  • Optimal pallet packaging through uniform film coverage over the pallet
  • Reduced film consumption due to patented stretching technology and use of thinner films
  • Simple handling with different pallet shapes and heights
  • Cost optimization due to low-maintenance technology and simple, quick and safe maintenance at floor level

Stretch wrapping machines

Maximum stability and transport safety

Our stretch wrapping machines are the perfect choice for evenly shaped and stable loads. With our automated wrapping system, the plastic film is wrapped around your pallet and stretched so effectively that good stability is guaranteed. This minimizes the risk of slipping during transport and provides good protection against external influences. 

This speaks for the stretch wrapping machines

  • Even wrapping of the film around the pallet to keep the load stable
  • High efficiency and labor savings
  • Perfect processing without protruding film edges
  • Low maintenance thanks to use of belts instead of chains
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