Palletizing machines for bags

How to ensure a perfect stacking pattern

Optimum cleanliness, compact shapes and a tight seal characterize your filled bags to offer your product maximum protection. However, the route to your end customers often involves long distances. To ensure that your bags withstand transport undamaged, it is recommended to stack them straight and accurately.

Enhance your packing machine with our modern palletizing systems - a significant step on your journey to reliable, fully automatic bag stacking with an attractive pallet appearance.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Project-oriented machine design due to the standardized modular machine construction
  • Gentle bag handling due to the full bag gripper, turning clamps or cross and precise positioning on the pallet or stripper plate
  • Optimum straight and attractive bag stacks through use of conforming and centering plates as required
  • Reliable handling of different bag formats - and also of difficult-to-handle bags with a low fill level or easily flowing products
  • Ease of use with automatic pallet calculation and position determination depending on the bag/pallet format and palletizing scheme

Particularly gentle bag handling

This is what our palletizers stand for

ARCUS palletizer

Our bag palletizer with high infeed for up to 2,500 bags/h

These automatic palletizers are suitable for a very wide range of products and bag types.

A turning clamp or a cross aligns the bags. The layers are built up row by row, taking into account the shape of the bag. Each layer is balanced and pressed to optimize the pallet geometry. The modular design can be adjusted for changes in performance and pallet patterns.







TERRAM palletizer

Our small palletizer with floor infeed for capacities up to 1,000 bags/h

A turning clamp or a cross aligns the bags. The palletihzer is low-maintenance and easily accessible for maintenance at all levels.

You can rely on our TERRAM palletizer.

It ensures compact, clean and attractive full bag pallets. Since:

  • Our TERRAM palletizer reliably processes every type of bag.
  • At the same time, it is compact and space-saving.
  • Thanks to its modular design, it can be easily customized to the specifics of your industry.
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G300 and G600 palletiser

The filled bags are placed directly on the pallet individually by the gripper robot according to the specified measurement.

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